How we help

Our contribution to local communities

Benefiting local communities is one of our fundamental principles and we hope it will be a factor in your choosing to come on holiday with us. We do this both through our trading practices and direct donations. Charity is not enough though, nor is it sustainable, so use of local staff, purchase of local foodstuffs and patronising locally owned hotels, campsites and facilities are completely standard. We do make considerable financial donations and assist in other direct ways. Here are some of them ..

Faraja Sopport Organization: Faraja support organization is a registered non-profit organization outside Arusha, at a small village called Shangarai in Tanzania. Faraja support organization was established by Mr. Faraja Maliaki in 2008 and started with only 5 kids, but has grown to over 200 kids between the ages 3-15 years old regarding gender, tribe and religion. Faraja Support Organization is run solely on private donations from local citizens, past and present volunteers which we Gpp safaris- Eco tourism we have been part of it.


Huruma Ophanage Center: Huruma is located in Arusha, a village called Kiserian, this center accommodated 17 children who are from 6 months and above, we have been part of this family for the past 4yrs now, they also depend on private donation from the local citizen.

Vanessa is one of the maasai girls that we sponsor in Rombo village (Loitokitok Kenya). One of our director met with Vanessa in Rombo Village when she went there for a friend’s daughter school visiting day. Vanessa is a very promising girl- she want to be an effective leader in the maa community and bring value to other young maasai girls.